Haydee Forster

Director – Governance

Haydee has a background in public health, environmental health and work health and safety and has been responsible for developing and maintaining corporate governance, safety and environmental management systems in both the public and private sectors.  These roles have allowed her to develop high level leadership and management capabilities, and to learn to adapt to a constantly changing environment, whilst maintaining the safety of staff, the community, and the environment.

Her roles have involved team management, research, systems and strategy development and review, broad stakeholder consultation, advanced problem solving and issue resolution skills, budget preparation, project management and the ability to manage and prioritise competing initiatives.

Haydee has recently been recognised with an Australia Day Achievement Award from her employer for her significant contribution to the Australian community through her work during the 2019/2020 bushfire response and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Outside of work, Haydee loves to spend time with her family and friends, has a keen interest in environmental sustainability and is involved in supporting new Australians by providing tutoring support to refugee families as they adjust to living in their new home.

Her involvement in Stationery Aid builds on this commitment to supporting those in the community who are in need, whilst at the same time promoting environmentally sustainable practices.  She has been overwhelmed by the generosity shown by those who have donated to Stationery Aid to date, and is keen to be involved in the growth of the charity as it continues to develop its capacity to support the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in the community.